Tuesday, June 30, 2009

this week

pat by the fire

pat causing trouble

flat top beer cans near our camp

my foot by the summit marker of Mt. Bachelor

the view from the summit. from left to right: south sister, middle sister, north sister, jefferson, broken top, and then just barely visible peaking out from the right side of broken top, Mt. Hood.

pat sliding down bachelor on his butt after we began our descent

since I've been back, I've stalled from posting my recent walking activities until I was caught up on the stuff that happened while I was away. now that I'm caught up on the trip, I'll finish getting caught up, and bring this blog to the present.

The first two days that I was back, I worked. I went sans car both times. 14.4 miles.

On Saturday, I went down to Bend to go to the 21st anniversary of the Deschute's brewery with my friend. We had 07 abyss, black butte XXI, and a couple dissidents. To get there, I rode with my hiking pack to my friends house, and then we drove down together. After the Deschutes event, we drove out into the woods in search of a suitable place to camp. Everywhere we went we were swarmed by mosquitos. Finally, (counter-intuitively enough) we found a reasonably mosquito free camp sight near the "swampy lakes" trailhead. Once we set up camp, we sat around and drank too much, like we usually do. The next morning, I rose early, feeling pretty good. I walked around the area we camped, scoping everything out, and took pictures of some old beer cans we found near by. The cans were of the "flat top" variety, which required a church key to open. Flat tops were the first design ever used to can beer, and were in use from 1933 until 1970. These cans were too rusted to determine the manufacturer or age, but knowing they were between 76 and 39 years old made them a pretty neat find. I felt like a descendant in a long line of beer drinking campers to use that sight. It felt good to know that at least in some parts of the world, not much had changed.

After we broke down camp and left, we decided to go for a little hike; and by "a little" I mean summitting Mt. Bachelor off-trail. We spent several hours climbing the mountain. For the most part, the terrain was pretty easy to navigate. It was pretty steep for climbing with an empty stomach, a hangover, and shoes that had the tread worn smooth, but we made it none the less. After reaching the summit, we ran/glisaded/slid on our butts down the resort side, and then hied back around to the car. All and all, a lot of fun, and certainly a good work out.

After returning to town, I got back on my bike and rode home.

For the purpose of my mileage data, I'm only including the bike riding towards fuel savings, as it was the only part where I saved myself from driving.

18.8 miles
622.82 miles cumulative
24.9128 total gallons saved