Monday, September 28, 2009

still at it!

I haven't been writing here much because nothing exciting has really been happening.

Since my last post, I've ridden my bike to work and back 6 times, and I walked to work today. Last weekend I rode my bike to Biketobeerfest at Hopworks Urban Brewery. Yesterday I rode to my friend's house before driving with him out to the gorge to fish. I've been to the grocery store a few times, and also walked home from a friends house after dinner (and beer tasting), returning in the morning with my bike to pick up my car. I walked over to the hardware store from the shop to get some light bulbs too. Anything else I did I can't recall, but if I missed something, it was inconsequential.

I'm starting to think about picking up rain pants pretty soon. I'd like to keep at my walking and riding once the weather turns, but I can't be showing up everywhere all wet all the time.

69.4 miles
1100.98 miles cumulative
44.0392 total gallons saved

Friday, September 11, 2009

boring update

Since my last post, I've ridden to work and back twice, as well as to the grocery store and back twice.

18.8 miles
1031.58 miles cumulative
41.2632 total gallons saved

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

topping 1000 miles!

On Monday, I rode my bike to home depot and back, as well as a round trip to the grocery store. On tuesday, I rode to work and back. Nothing too exciting, except the mileage from these trips puts me at over 1000 miles since I started keeping this blog. It's also roughly the 6 month anniversary of starting the blog, so I guess it's a big milestone in a couple of ways right now.

1000 miles in 6 months means an average of 5.56 miles a day, every day, since I started. Figure in that I only bike about 2 out of 3 days a week, and that means an average of 8.34 miles a day on the days that I do ride. I'm pretty proud of that.

These first 6 months have been easy to walk and ride in though. The weather has mostly been nice. I hope to keep up the pace over the next 6 months once the weather turns, we'll see.

16.6 miles
1012.78 miles cumulative
40.5112 total gallons saved