Monday, October 12, 2009

and I bike some more

Since my last post, I've kept up with my biking, although I was also forced to do some non-bikey stuff. My car was significantly past due on registration because I wasn't using it at all, and I was concerned it might not pass inspection, which would cost me a bunch of money I didn't have to get it fixed and passed. Anyway, it was time to take care of all that, so I rode my bike to the least bikey place there is, the DMV, to get a trip permit to take my car around and get it up to code. I then rode over to the car parts store, and got a new air filter to pop in, hoping that would improve my testing results. Then I hopped in my car, got an oil change, put in some good gas, and went to the DEQ to get tested. Turns out I was worried over nothing; the tester said I was in terrific shape, and sent me on my way.

Friday I rode my bike to work, but ended up seeing a movie with some friends afterward, so I got dropped off at the house when we were done.

The next day I walked to work and then rode home afterward.

Again, last night, I rode to work, and then rode home, stopping at Bamboo Sushi for dinner with my sister and niece, and then Belmont Station for some beer, along the way.

In other news, I contacted the city to talk about installing a bike corral near my business. It turns out I wasn't the first business on my blog to make a similar request, so they were eager to come out and see the area and determine the best location to install one. Hopefully that will happen soon. The bike corral takes out about one parking space, and lets dozens of bikes park in the same space. I think having these all over the city really makes riding your bike a more attractive commuting option, and as a business owner, it allows a lot more customers to park by your business than you could get in cars alone.

23.27 miles
1160.25 miles cumulative
46.41 total gallons saved

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

weekly update

Last week, I walked to work and back twice. I had left my bike at a friends house the previous weekend, figured I'd get it sooner or later, and I welcomed the change. After a good time at the hood river fresh hop festival, and a literally terrible time camping on mt. hood afterwords (unexpected snow/sleet/rain storm blows in, collapses tent, dump ice water into sleeping bag), I ended up back at my friends house, and before returning home with a truck load of wet and frozen camping gear, I loaded up my bike to bring back too.

Sunday night I rode to the store so I could escort my wife back from work on bikes so I wouldn't have to use my car. Yesterday, I did the same, both in the morning on the way in and the evening on the way back. Making two round trips is always nice. It's a lot of easy miles, and gas savings. Makes you feel a little better about your day.

36 miles
1136.98 miles cumulative
45.4792 total gallons saved