Tuesday, October 6, 2009

weekly update

Last week, I walked to work and back twice. I had left my bike at a friends house the previous weekend, figured I'd get it sooner or later, and I welcomed the change. After a good time at the hood river fresh hop festival, and a literally terrible time camping on mt. hood afterwords (unexpected snow/sleet/rain storm blows in, collapses tent, dump ice water into sleeping bag), I ended up back at my friends house, and before returning home with a truck load of wet and frozen camping gear, I loaded up my bike to bring back too.

Sunday night I rode to the store so I could escort my wife back from work on bikes so I wouldn't have to use my car. Yesterday, I did the same, both in the morning on the way in and the evening on the way back. Making two round trips is always nice. It's a lot of easy miles, and gas savings. Makes you feel a little better about your day.

36 miles
1136.98 miles cumulative
45.4792 total gallons saved