Friday, May 22, 2009

this week

I got a little lazy posting this past week. First I had a friend in town, and then my sister and her family; so I've been pretty busy. I only worked at the store two days this week. On Sunday I finally pulled my bike down off it's hook in the garage, and rode to work and back. I would have walked, but we planned to BBQ when I got back, and I didn't want to hold everything up by walking, so I pedaled instead. Today I walked in and back. Between the two commutes, I did a little walking here and there, but not enough to keep track of. On my days off, I was pretty busy taking pictures of things I don't want, listing them for sale online, and meeting buyers to show them the goods. The big news regarding that and this blog, is that I've been selling all of my car related stuff, and that I spent a portion of the past week getting my CARS ready to sell!

may 22nd

14.4 miles
393.65 miles cumulative
15.746 total gallons saved