Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the past 2 weeks.

I need to keep better care of this blog. It's getting dusty. Just because the updates haven't been coming doesn't mean the miles haven't though. Since my last post, I've worked 4 days. On each of them, I rode my bike. I also rode to home depot twice, the grocery store twice, the pet store once (and rode home with a 40 lb bag of dog food!), I walked to the grocery store once, I walked to the portland international beerfest once, then did a walking tour of breweries downtown with some friends from out of town, and walked home after. I also went on a hike on south sister.

The hike was good, but we didn't make it to the top as anticipated, due to a friends wardrobe malfunction (bad socks, HUGE blisters). I rode my bike to my friends house in the morning, we drove down to bend for the hike, and made it roughly half way up. On the way down we stopped at a lake to swim, and then drove a short ways to camp in the woods. The next day we drove back to portland, and then I rode my bike home.

I might write more about that trip soon. There was a livestock falling out of a trailer on the highway incident, and some rattlesnakes too. I took a couple pictures on my phone.

67.2 miles this week
826.22 miles cumulative
33.0488 total gallons saved