Sunday, August 9, 2009

another week down

Another pretty uneventful week this week. I've ridden my bike to work 6 times since my last post, and then a 7th to accompany my wife to work. I also went up to the top of Multnomah falls again with some visitors from out of town. I also took them on a walk from the house to horsebrass and back. I'm probably missing a few walks and rides here and there, but nothing significant.

Today was the Providence Bridge Pedal here in town. It's the second largest community bike ride in the country, and the third in the world. It would have been neat to check out, but I found out about it a bit too late this year. Maybe next time. I might just follow the same route myself sometime soon. There wont be the same kind of comradery, but then again, I'm not that social anyway.

I haven't been on any epic walks or rides in a few weeks. I think it was the combination of the heat and having so many visitors in town lately. I have the next few days off, and the weather is a bit cooler, so maybe I'll have to plan something good.

54.6 miles this week
880.82 miles cumulative
35.2328 total gallons saved