Wednesday, September 2, 2009

topping 1000 miles!

On Monday, I rode my bike to home depot and back, as well as a round trip to the grocery store. On tuesday, I rode to work and back. Nothing too exciting, except the mileage from these trips puts me at over 1000 miles since I started keeping this blog. It's also roughly the 6 month anniversary of starting the blog, so I guess it's a big milestone in a couple of ways right now.

1000 miles in 6 months means an average of 5.56 miles a day, every day, since I started. Figure in that I only bike about 2 out of 3 days a week, and that means an average of 8.34 miles a day on the days that I do ride. I'm pretty proud of that.

These first 6 months have been easy to walk and ride in though. The weather has mostly been nice. I hope to keep up the pace over the next 6 months once the weather turns, we'll see.

16.6 miles
1012.78 miles cumulative
40.5112 total gallons saved