Monday, September 28, 2009

still at it!

I haven't been writing here much because nothing exciting has really been happening.

Since my last post, I've ridden my bike to work and back 6 times, and I walked to work today. Last weekend I rode my bike to Biketobeerfest at Hopworks Urban Brewery. Yesterday I rode to my friend's house before driving with him out to the gorge to fish. I've been to the grocery store a few times, and also walked home from a friends house after dinner (and beer tasting), returning in the morning with my bike to pick up my car. I walked over to the hardware store from the shop to get some light bulbs too. Anything else I did I can't recall, but if I missed something, it was inconsequential.

I'm starting to think about picking up rain pants pretty soon. I'd like to keep at my walking and riding once the weather turns, but I can't be showing up everywhere all wet all the time.

69.4 miles
1100.98 miles cumulative
44.0392 total gallons saved