Friday, April 17, 2009

false alarm!

Yesterday I planned to hang out around the house and do yard work, so I could be outside, get some sun, but still give my foot a bit of a break; but as the day went on, the pain and stiffness really began to subside. As a result, I took a chance, and decided to go for a short walk at night; and I don't feel any worse for it. The weather was really nice and a warm and still, so I walked down hawthorne, over to division, and then back home, having a drink at two bars along the way with our roommate. I'm going to walk to work the next few days, and then I'll have the beginning of next week off, when the weather is supposed to be pretty nice. I hope to do a more challenging walk then.

april 16th

3.86 miles
260.82 miles cumulative
10.4328 total gallons saved