Wednesday, March 25, 2009

vegas baby

I'll start with a disclaimer: las vegas is the antithesis of pretty much everything I currently believe in.

Having said that; I still went, and enjoyed my time there.

My wife and I flew to LA on the 20th, where we met her father, who picked us up at the airport.

On the flight down, I began reading a book called pacific crest trail that was written in the 1970's by a guy that hiked the majority of the established trail at that time. It was a really good read, although I think the amount of time the author spent writing about Oregon was a bit lacking. Still, it inspired me to get out there and tackle a greater section than I currently have. I have lofty goals set for this summer.

I did a little walking on this leg of the trip, but nothing significant enough to report here.

From LA, we drove to Las Vegas early in the morning on the 21st. No significant walking that day; although I did enjoy the day.

On the 22nd, we did a little bit of walking. We went from Planet Hollywood to the Encore. It was a 1.5 mile walk, but given the circumstances, it felt a bit longer.

The next day, we did the most walking of the whole trip. We walked from where we stayed, at one end of the strip at the Encore, to the other end of the strip at the Mandalay, and back. This walk totaled 5.82 miles. There was a lot more walking contained within casinos, but I wont count that here.

It's amazing to me that most casinos in Vegas have gyms in them. But, with the amount of walking a person could easily get in on a short trip there, a hotel gym seems about par for the course with the rest of the city itself: an utter waste of space and resources.

I regret not having more time on this trip to see (what's left of) lake mead and the Hoover Dam.

March 20th - 24th

7.32 miles
128.59 miles cumulative
5.1436 total gallons saved