Monday, March 30, 2009

march 30th

Today I walked my wife to work. I like when we walk to work together, it gives us something to do with one another besides trying to run a business and maintain a household. I also feel funny when I drive her to work because whenever I do, I have to drive to work twice in a day (to get her there and to bring her home), which basically means we're using the same amount of gas as if we both had a car and drove ourselves to work each day.

After I walked her to work, I walked to Oregon Mountain Community, which I found online this week. I have been researching jackets for a little while now, and I noticed that they carry all the lines I like, and that most of their stuff is on sale for a lot less than anywhere else in town, and less than most everything I could find online. Being able to try stuff on before I buy it, not having to wait for the thing to get shipped, and being able to support a local business all at once felt really good. Saving about $40 on the jacket felt great.

I got a Marmot minimalist jacket, for $160. Sweet deal. Now I have no excuse for not walking in the rain. The jacket is 100% waterproof, and really breathable and light weight, so I can wear it even when it's pretty warm out.

From OMC, I walked to the grocery store, did some shopping for dinner tonight, and then walked home with everything.

After I prepared everything (crock pot!) I walked to work again to get my wife, and then we walked home.

It was nice to get the extra walk in today, I wasn't feeling like I was getting enough with all these 3-7 mile days I've been putting in. Including the detour to OMC today, I got in 15.2 miles.

march 28th

15.2 miles
159.52 miles cumulative
6.3808 total gallons saved